Where is Grand Cayman? Grand Cayman is about 480 miles southwest of Miami and about 150 miles southwest of Cuba. The island is 22 miles long and 8 miles wide.

What airlines fly to the Cayman Islands?Airlines servicing Grand Cayman are: Cayman Air, American, Delta, Continental, Northwest, United, US Air, Jet Blue and AirTran.

What documents are needed to enter the Cayman Islands? A passport is required for all US citizens on international travel.

Can I use US dollars in the Cayman Islands? You can use US dollars anywhere on the island. In addition, most places will take Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

What are the medical facilities on Grand Cayman? There is a modern hospital on the island plus a new heart hospital. Grand Cayman has ambulance service. You dial 911 for emergencies just like in the United States. Fire department personel are the first responders.

Are the Cayman Islands safe? Grand Cayman is one of the safest places in the Caribbean. It is probably safer than where you live now. There is very little crime on the island. All laws are strictly enforced. DO NOT BRING OR USE ILLEGAL DRUGS. DO NOT BRING FIREARMS. There are very stiff penalties for drug use or possession of a firearm.

What do I need to know about driving on the island? Drive on the LEFT is the most important. You will get used to driving on the left pretty quickly. There are many rental car companies on the island, several right at the airport. All major car rental companies are available plus a few local ones. We prefer to use a local one, Andys. Recently, we have been using Budget, as one of the other Kaibo owners has setup special rates for us and our guests. Cars may have the steering wheel on the left, like in the US, or on the right like in Great Britain. As an American, I think driving with the steering wheel on the left like in the US is easier, but you need to make your own decision on this. A temporary driver’s license is $20.00 and is available from the car rental company. With cars all driving on the wrong side of the road from what we are used to, we always get full insurance coverage from the rental car company at a cost of about $16.00 per day. This isn't bad idea. Check with your credit card company for details on what they will cover for you.

What is the weather like on Grand Cayman?
Winter months, (November to April) 75 to 80 during the day and 65 to 70 at night. Summer months, (April to November) 85 to 90 during the day and 75 to 80 at night. Humidity is similar to Florida and southern US. But, being an island, we always get a nice breeze.

What should we wear? Cayman Islands is a “proper” British Crown Colony and is conservative by nature. Swim or scanty beachwear should only be worn on the beach. Neat casual, and comfortable tropical attire is everywhere else. Shorts t-shirts and tank tops are the normal wear daytimes. For dining neat shorts or slacks, and lightweight, comfortable sun dresses are fine. Very few people wear suits and ties. You may want to bring a sweater for establishments that have an A/C.

What about the food? The supermarkets are huge and carry all of the basic items that you would buy in the USA. Most have a deli and bakery. All have fresh meats, seafood, fruits and produce. There are two on the main road from the airport to the condo. Foster’s is in Savanah and Hurley’s is on the way to the condo. Remember all supermarkets are CLOSED on Sundays. It is best to pick up your groceries on the way to the condo. There is a nice little grocery store just before the condo called Chisholm’s. It has most of the basics but no fresh meat.

Can we drink the water on Grand Cayman? Yes, you can drink the water without worry of getting sick. Water on the island is made in a desalinization plant and is excellent.

Is there a telephone in the condo? Yes, there is a cell phone in the condo for local calls. To make long distance calls, you need a credit card or phone card. The area code on Grand Cayman is 345.

Will I be able to connect to the Internet from the condo? Yes, there is wireless Internet in the condo. And additionally the Kaibo Yacht Club next door has free wireless Internet. There are also several Internet cafes on the island. You will be able to use your cell phone to make calls home. The cost is per minute, so like us, you might want to use text to talk to home. Check with your cell carrier for international call and text plans.

Where is the condo located? The condo is 21 miles from the Airport. It’s about a 40-minute scenic drive. We are on the north side of the island at Rum Point. There are maps available at the Airport or at the rental car companies. The condo is located in a residential area, surrounded by upper bracket homes. It is very quiet and peaceful.

What are the buildings like? The Kaibo was constructed in 2004. It is part of a 20-unit condominium project on 360 feet of beach. There is plenty of parking. The pool is right on the beach. There are pool and beach chairs available and beach towels are provided. The chairs and chaise lounges can be used on the beach or pool.

What is the beach like? The beach is soft sand with a very gentle slope into the water. We back up to the very protected part of the North Sound and it is just like a calm lake. The beach is never crowded. You step out the back door of the condo and you are on the sand.

Who do I call for assistance? We have our own manager for the condo. Her name is Robert Sherengo. She can be reached locally at (345) 321-1934. For building emergencies you can also call the HOA property management company Coastal (345) 949-0958. For emergencies, fire or police, call 911.

What is the condo like? The condo is a ground floor unit right on the beach. It has two bedroom, plus a sofa sleeper and two bathrooms. It is beautifully furnished. You will love the screened lanais overlooking the ocean. They are great for relaxing or reading a book, and the views are fantastic. The master bedroom, living room and kitchen all have great ocean views with sliding glass doors. All the bedrooms have TVs with cable. The unit has central air conditioning. The living room has an entertainment unit with TV, DVD, CD, stereo. The kitchen is beautiful and fully equipped. There is a washer and dryer in the unit. The condo and patio are non-smoking.

How do we get into the condo? There is a lockbox on the front door. When you depart just lock the door behind yourself. We will give you the code for this lock box before your arrival. Always leave this extra key in the lock box when not in use, so it will be available if you lock yourself out of the condo.

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