Grand Cayman has many fine restaurants offering a wide range of dining opportunities.

All of the restaurant information is from our own experiences, except a couple that our kids went to, and are noted below. There are many other restaurants we have just not gotten to yet, which we are sure would also be very enjoyable. We apologize to these restaurants for their omission, but hope to add them to our list in time. A complete guide is available at the Airport when you arrive called “Good Taste”.

The below lists includes some fine dining spots as well as some “joints.” They are listed in alphabetical order.

This is a sports bar behind the Hurley's grocery store on the main road to the condo. We can bring our boat across from the condo to shop at Hurley's and also have lunch at Beaches. They serve typical bar food with several great appetizer type dishes. We love their steak bites, caprice salad and calamari.

One of the best restaurants on the island. In Cricket Square on Elgin Avenue, near Town. Nice shorts are acceptable of course, but this place is so nice you might want to break out the long pants. Wonderful service and delicious food. On the expensive side, but no more than a fine restaurant in any major American city.

Italian restaurant near downtown Georgetown. We have eaten here several times. It has a great view of the harbor in George Town and parking right across the street. The owner gives his personal attention and provides a complementary glass of port to end the meal.

In a small shopping retail strip on West Bay Road, not far from George Town. This is the bargain of the island. From lunch on, they cook whole chickens on a big wood fired rotisserie, sold cafeteria style in pieces or whole with several side dishes to choose from. Buy it and take it home or eat it there. Totally tasty at economical prices.

This is another hamburger type joint right on West Bay Road about halfway up Seven Mile Beach. Their hamburgers are good, but thie fish tacos are huge and yummy. Open air dining on the deck.

Just off main road along 7 mile beach. Near the Foster’s grocery store. Mainly a steak place. We had a very, very nice meal there. Dinner price included a drink.

The Cracked Conch is a fine restaurant up above the North end of Seven Mile Beach, near the turtle farm. We have had a couple very nice dinners there. It is a long drive from the condo, but if you happened to be in town then it could work.

Located in the heart of Seven-Mile Beach, this small Italian restaurant is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. Great wine list and good food. We had the mussels in a wine garlic sauce. It was absolutely the best we have ever had. If we had not had a spoon we would have licked the bowl clean. Order as an appetizer. Prices are reasonable.

One of our favorites. Located on West Bay Road a little north of George Town. This is a nice pub atmosphere. Many beers on tap and pub type food as well as more gourmet dining. This restaurant was one of the first to reopen after Hurricane Ivan and obtained a top chef. We do not know if he is still there but the food is still great. Try the Cottage Pie or the award winning Irish stew. Priced in the mid-range.

This is our favorite restaurant. Located a little south of George Town on the water's edge. Built from a large old house, it now incorporates large decks to provide ocean side, outdoor dining. Like the Wharf, sunsets are spectacular. Food is wonderful, atmosphere is incredible and the wine list is endless. Priced with the best restaurants on the island and worth every penny.

If you have time on your trip off the island, go to the second floor before security for a nice little restaurant. We have only had the ice-cold beer served there and their terrific chicken quesadilla.

The Italian Kitchen is way down at the East end across the street from the Morritt's resort. It has great food at moderate prices. We came here for my birthday dinner. Order the garlic knobs as a bread starter. They are small, twisted, baked garlic bread that is inexpensive and tasty.

Amout 200 feet from the condo, this beach bar serves all kinds of killer drinks. The servers are great and friendly. We hit this place almost every day we are in the condo, either for lunch, dinner, a cold beer or an after dinner drink. Sitting here one day before we bought the condo, drinking a beer, by wife looked at me and said, "This is us." We love the place. Order the Kaibo Mixed Salad with apple chunks, grapes, nuts and a lemon tarragon dressing. It is fantastic. Their 12oz Kaibo Burger served on a baggett type bun is terrific. Dinner menu changes frequently and it is all great. Good Taste magazine says about this place. “Owned by a great guy called Daniel. Unpretentious, very affordable, fabulous laid-back atmosphere. Coldest beer on the island. Probably the best cocktails too.” I could not have said it better.

In our opinion, this is one of the best restaurants on the island. The food is superb and the service wonderful. It is only open weekends and which days vary during the year. They have fine wines and an extensive rum bar. Their wine pairing menu will leave you smiling as you roll out of this place. We took my wife's parents here one evening. They are dining snobs that have eaten all over the world and said it was one of the best meals they ever had.

This is a small local type restaurant featuring home cooked good food. It is right where the road that cuts across the island meets the Northside Road. It sits behind the Water Bouys liquor store and bar. Good food, large portions and inexpensive prices make this a good choice. They specialize in seafood.

On the water near where you turn inland to the condo. Hard to miss with its light house out front. We have eaten here three times and ordered the same thing each time. A seafood platter for two, one of the house specialties. It is a ship theme with all the nice looking guy waiters in uniform. Seating is mostly out on the covered deck. No A/C out there, but they do have fans. Comfortable on all but the hottest evenings.

Near downtown Georgetown. We had avoided this restaurant as we had heard it was a tourist place. Our mistake. It is very nice, overlooking the harbor. They make some killer drinks. ( one, I think, was called death by rum) We were pretty sure the food was good, but after a couple “death by rums” we could have eaten fried donkey butt and liked it. Mostly a seafood place, but they have other offerings for the turf crowd.

Macabuca is the ocean front part of the Cracked Conch restaurant. It is an open-air establishment serving bar type food. This place is located way up on the Northwest corner of the island above West Bay. Order the "Cracked Conch." Their deep fried conch pieces are the best on the island. We also like their Mediterranean salad. Is is a bit of a drive, just past the Turtle Farm, but worth it. We specifically plan town trips to eat here.

This restaruant is on the top North part of the island. It faces East towards the North Sound. We have lunch here often by boat after snorkeling. It is a long drive from the condo and can be windy facing the East. Food is good. It is near one of the Dolphin parks, if you happen to be up that way.

This restaurant is on the north coast. You pass it on your drive to the condo. You will not find this place in Zaget’s, but the food was great. I had conch stew for lunch, one of the island's specialties. They have a glass refrigerator displaying steaks, seafood and other dinner choices. This place is very popular with locals and tourists alike with good food at downright cheap prices. Dinners start with warm fried bread (the best we have had). Their key lime pie is also the best we have had.

Way up at the top of the West end of the island. Beautiful setting on a small lake. Italian food is the specialty, but everything we had was great. Nice wine list, but we stayed with a Chianti and loved it. Priced on the upper end but not off the charts.

Prime is a Brazilian Churrascaria type restaurant. They have a wonderful salad bar, but this is no place for vegetarians. They have a dozen or more meats that are roasted on a sword like skewers over an open flame. The meat is served right off the sword at your table. This is an all you can eat operation and they bring one meat after another to your table. It is a fun and delicious evening. If you leave this place hungry, something is wrong.

Another great Italian restaurant located on Seven-Mile Beach in a retail center. Good food, nice atmosphere and an extensive wine list. Their wine is kept in a temperature controlled, glass area, that is visible to the dining room. Prices are reasonable.

Near the water on 7 mile beach. We had a great meal here. Prices were reasonable, by Cayman standards. Had the best bread I can remember on the island. Steaks, seafood etc.

This is a beach operation serving lunches at Rum Point not far from the condo. In the "joint" category, but good eats and a fun place. Get a local Caybrew beer on tap and enjoy their hamburgers, fish and chips, grilled fish blt and other island favorites. Priced on the lower end of the scale.

This is the evening restaurant in the Rum Point corner near our condo. This is a nice restaurant. It is not up to the Kaibo Upstairs quality, but certainly enjoyable. Call for reservations like any nice restaurant. Little more important here because sometimes large groups come over from the Seven Mile Beach side, by boat, and fill up the place.

This is a smaller restaurant right in the middle of the Sunshine Suites rental units. This is a local type place, open for lunch and dinner. It is between the West Bay Road and the new By-pass Road near the Westin Hotel. They have fantastic hamburgers, fish tacos and sliders. Get the medley of deep fried vegetables to go with your order. Your cardiologist may not like it, but you sure will.

Tuka's is a fairly new restaurant towards the East end of the island. It is on the water, near the Southeast corner of Grand Cayman. The restaurant has an Australian theme with some authentic, down under dishes. We had a set menu that included a drink. Fresh lobster are often available from a live tank.

Just north of George Town at the start of Seven-Mile Beach, this large restaurant sits on a pier with a wonderful ocean view. Time your visit to watch the sunset, and enjoy the open air dining. Harp music sets the tone of this enjoyable restaurant. Prices are towards the high end.

Below are listed dishes we love and wanted to give credit to the restaurants that serve them.

Best Key Lime PieOver the Edge
Best HamburgerKaibo Bar and Grill
Best SaladKaibo Bar and Grill (Kaibo Mixed Salad)
Best SlidersSunshine Suites
Best Fish TacoCoconut Joe's
Best Fish
and Chips
Rum Point Wreck Bar & Grill
Best Fish
Rum Point Wreck Bar & Grill (Fish BLT)
Best ConchMacabuca's (Cracked Conch)
Best BreadOver the Edge
Best Pub FoodFidel Murphy's Irish Pub
Best AppetizerEdwardo's (Mussels in white wine and garlic)

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